Testing efficient utilisation of solar generated energy without conversion to Alternating Current (AC) but instead using the Direct Current (DC).

Partners: Amsterdam Energy City Lab & Liander

1) An increasing amount of energy is generated through solar panels, this is local made Direct Current.
2) This also counts for wind energy, although rotating magnets generate alternating current this is converted into direct current. Fluctuating wind speed require DC for proper integration it into the grid.
3) Energy storage is done with batteries using DC.
4) Locally generated energy might be better stored and used in DC form.

Efficiency comparison between an AC light-string and a DC light-string through the conversion of a part of a household from the AC-grid into a DC-grid

In the Amsterdam Energy City Lab there are on both sides of the main room strings of lights.
These 10n lights on both sides are connected to 220V AC.
At one side a DC cable is present and a 48 volts storage.
The approach is to connect the lightning at one side on a DC-while the other side remains AC
On the DC-net a DC/DC converter is used (48V/12V) and 10 lights are connected in parallel

These LED lights are direct connected to the solar battery storage.

Both light strings will have exact the same amount of lumen, equipment for energy consume monitoring is installed on both sides and will be compared